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    Catbaisland Green and Nature Conservation

    Catba Island Green and Nature Conservation


    The outstanding universal value : 
    Cat Ba has long been regarded as a masterpiece that natural gift for Hai Phong by unique architecture with limestone mountains interspersed spare farm, Gulf and mysterious caves. Not only is the landscape of charming, Cat Ba was carrying the potential value of biodiversity, rich and rare.
    According to Prof. Dr. Do Cong Thung - Institute for Marine Resources and Environment, Vietnam Cat Ba Island, the true value for the name "emerald beams on blue sea". It has a diverse ecosystem with global prominent tropical rain forest on limestone mountains, caves - the mangroves, tidal flats, salt lakes, soft bottom fauna, vast coral reefs. Especially cave system is unique in Cat Ba, cave contains both terrestrial and undersea cave. The species is common in bat caves, gastropods and insects. In particular, the caves in Cat Ba is also the habitat of primitive man, so many customers are now important archaeological ... 

    Cat Ba Island is also a center of high biodiversity value of the world's global Organization international nature conservation (IUCN) classification. Typically, the presence of 3,860 species of plants and animals on land and in the sea. There are 130 species identified as rare, are included in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world, including 76 species in the IUCN Oxford rare item, 21 endemic species. Special Cat Ba langur (Trachypithecus poliocephalus) is endemic, only now with a population of 63 individuals distributed only in Cat Ba. Cat Ba Langur along with a number of plant and animal species are ranked at the IUCN critically endangered.

    In addition to the animals, there are many unique groups of animals and endangered other residents on the island: 62 species of reptiles and amphibians, including 12 rare and endangered species, 155 species of native birds and migratory birds , the Emperor's cup species endangered species in the IUCN red List and Vietnam; initially identified about 274 species of insects, creating attractive and colorful diversity for islands. Due to the special environment of geological Caxto, where many species exist adapted to limestone caves like bats, crabs, mollusks, spiders ...
    There are 19 species of bats have been recorded, of which there are four species in the IUCN Red List list. In particular, cave crabs Tiwaripotamon edostilus is also endemic found only in some caves as Hoa Cuong, Thien Long in Cat Ba. In addition, marine biota of Cat Ba Island also very rich. So far, 177 have been classified coral species, including 166 species of hard corals and 11 species belonging to the group of the remaining cows coral, soft coral, horn coral. Besides, the Cat Ba is also home to 196 species and development of marine fish, 102 species of seaweed, 131 species of zooplankton, 400 species of phytoplankton and zooplankton, 658 species ...

    Construction of Cat Ba tourist destination world-class green Cat Hai District Chairman Bui Trung Nghia said the master plan for sustainable tourism development in Cat Ba Island in 2025 with a vision to 2050 was given the objective of becoming the Cat Ba tourist class green international level, worthy of the status and potential of Jade island.
    In paying attention to the quality of tourism growth, tourism development in Cat Ba archipelago became economic incentives for economic development - social, Hai Phong city and tourism development of the Red River Delta ; effectively exploit the potential and advantages; development of quality tourism products and services reflect local characteristics; tourism development priority senior harmoniously combined with mass tourism to meet the diverse needs of the market and expectations of tourists to increase economic efficiency - in the development of social tourism ; conservation and restoration of valuable resources; Tourism development associated with national security, social order and safety ...Hai Phong City is implementing many national key projects related to Cat Hai district, Hai Phong and travel, including international gateway port at Lach Huyen; high-speed motorways Hanoi - Hai Phong; New bridge Vu - Cat Hai ... Therefore, a vision plan to build the island of Cat Ba archipelago attractive green leading is very true, consistent trends. This requires coordinated investment and create the most attractive environment for investors. But more importantly, right now there must be mechanisms liberal policy allowing foreign investment potential, experience in developing and implementing plans. In particular, the plan should include the development model, in which, the locals are conditional largest contribution to the conservation of natural resources, cultural heritage and ancestral benefit most from tourismactivities...

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