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    Cat Hai district is located strategically important city of Hai Phong and the Northeast region of the country. Throughout the nation's history, the generations of island district has made great contributions to the cause of liberation, defend and build the country.

    Natural area of the district is 345km2, including two large islands: Cat Hai area of approximately 40km2 and Cat Ba than 300 km2. Cat Hai district located in the north Yen Hung district (Quang Ninh) through a bilateral agreement; Dinh Vu islands west, east and south is the Gulf of Tonkin. La29.899 the population (as of 6/2010), consisting of 12 administrative units, including 2 within your Cat Ba Town, Cat Hai and Dong Bai, Nghia Lo, Van Phong, Hoang Chau, Phu Long , Pearl, Xuan Dam, Viet Hai, Gia Luan, Hien Hao.

    Cat Ba Island is mainly tropical terrain karsto variables were submerged by recent developments. Karsto activity has created a unique landscape, terrain types especially like the cave, stalagmites, stone bell, wells, and the valley karsto votes karsto. On Cat Ba Island with the famous caves such as Hoa Cuong, China Home, Military Medicine, Ang Ma, Phu Long, Golden Fruit ... the Cat Ba Island is approximately 144km2, the highest place 331m, is the largest limestone islands system in the southern islands of Halong Bay and the coastal areas west of the South China Sea. Complete Cat Ba island is rugged and mountainous areas with elevations between 50-200m, the average slope of 30-40 degrees slopes; lowest where Ang Shrimp, sea 10-30m lower density; High Hope highest peak is located north of the island, about 331m high. Cat Ba terrain mostly limestone alternating see many large and small valleys. In terms of mineral resources, in addition to limestone, Cat Ba Island also has mineral water sources (Xuan Dam crowd with hot mineral water 38 degrees C) value. Cat Ba typical ecosystems such as tropical rain forest on limestone mountains. mangroves, coral reefs, sea grass beds of grass, cave ecosystems, perplexed ... Pristine farm on the island, with high biodiversity, statistics have been 745 species of plants, including wood species precious metals such as communication, left justified, and long waiting Chukrasia many medicinal plants, such as visual presentations, basil, lime pot, remains dark, honeysuckle, restore ... leaves the terrestrial fauna with over 200 species, including 20 mammals, 69 birds, 15 reptiles and 11 amphibians; including 10 species of mammals and six species of rare birds such as white-headed langur (also known as the golden langur), bobcats, yellow-tailed macaques, pig-tailed macaque, red-faced monkeys, deer, roe deer, antelope, civet Iguana , porcupine, python Leopard, cobra, periodical, chameleons, geckos fly, cuckoo crow, partridge, old green tiles and 2 birds water birds are ducks, dark bird ... In particular, species white-headed langur endemic only in the world only a few dozen individuals in the archipelago and has become a symbol of the world biosphere reserve of Cat Ba. Sea creatures of the sea - Cat Hai Island is also very rich and diverse, with over 1,200 species, there are 30 species of seaweed, 36 species of mangrove plants, 590 species of bottom animals, 20 species of coral, 207 fish; including many rare species on the red list is written to Vietnam and specialty species of high economic value such as guot seaweed, seaweed kicked curved, open software, building dunes, snout, son pearls, hawksbill, leatherback, green sea turtle, oysters, fish items, crab, grouper, mackerel, pomfret, crab ... Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba) is one of the most beautiful bays in complex landscapes Halong Bay (world heritage) and therefore, the majority of Cat Ba Island is recognized as the world's reserve volumes.
    On Cat Ba Island, the original appeared quite early, from 2.5 to 1.5 thousand years ago. In their place, the roof rocks, caves Central page, Well Fejervarya limnocharis, Military Medicine, Tien Duc, Marble, Phu Long, Hang Ri, Ma ... Ang is great houses built by the Creator, cool in summer, warm in winter and safe from the attack of enemies. Ancient people in the coastal villages of Cat Ba has said grinding stone tools and toys including round-bottom, ie from technical hand-molded pottery clay pottery techniques with turntable, walking by the sea fishing boat, said rice cultivation, livestock development, gardening looks fruit-trees and roots. Ancient Cat Ba who is a tribal member of the Lac Vietnam, residents of the country Van Lang, Au Lac later.

    Cat Hai district was established in 1977 on a consolidated basis in 2 districts of Cat Ba Island and Cat Hai old. Cat Hai district, which today is an administrative unit was established at the earliest type of Haiphong. According to the Journal of the former, while North Of An Phong district (there are books written from the room, the word En Tu same typeface and font, possibly by carving or misspelled) of Yan Chau. After the district is changing An Feng Feng Chi (Chi letters mean expenditure, sex). Minh time, Sub-district performer on government rules and government capitals Yen Tan, Tan Yen government at Hy Hoa's place in this district. By the time Le Site, change the Sub Rooms (the "Expenses" means perhaps only) for Government Regulation in the East Sea, later renamed the United Feng Feng Chi district.

    Son Tay, Hoa Phong District of Quang Yen Town Government Eastern Sea (also known as Security Square). Before 1813, US District includes 2 master performer with 15 communes is the total potato (later renamed Don Luong) on the island of Cat Hai and total Ha Union (later renamed Ha Sen) on the island of Cat Ba. An Khoái total corresponding to the entire land of Dong Bai, Gia Loc part, the entire town of Cat Ba Hoang Chau Commune, Nghia Lo, Van Phong commune on the island of Cat Hai today, including 10 communes, former wards are: potatoes, Feng An, Dong Bai, Hoa Hy, Hoang Chau, Luc Do, Salary Consulate, Thien Loc Cao Wenming and ward Commerce. After changing the style Year Feng An, Cao Cao Minh Business success, Liang Liang Consulate of Energy, Gia Loc Thien Loc. General Ha Lien include land corresponding to the Pearl commune, Gia Luan and Phu Long, Xuan Dam, Hien Hao and the town of Cat Ba Cat Ba island today, including five old ones were: Pearl (later renamed Pearl). Tang Hao (later renamed Hien Hao), Xuan Ang (later renamed Xuan Dam), Long Phu, Gia Luan. 17th year of Minh Mang (1836), a total cut of Continental Van Hai, Van Don district for charter in the United Feng (formerly of Cat Hai district today), then re-cut the total Van Hai Van Don returns like the old continent. First year of Thieu Tri (1840), Yao Feng district was established, is still basically the old district performer States. Life Tu Duc District on Government Regulation Yao Feng Son Dinh, Quang Yen. French colonial period, the district changed Yao Feng of Cat Hai district, Quang Yen province remains the same. At this time, Cat Hai district includes 2 master Don Luong and Ha Sen, Dong Luong total of 10 communes and 5 Sen tong Ha commune and town of Ba.
    Cat Ba sites, there are many different opinions. Map of 1938 also records the Ba, the following may be misspellings of Cat Ba. Legend, which is presented Islands where she and her mother and sisters preparing food lo help the Warriors draft chased An invaders. Therefore, the island where the Warriors play a forward base, called The Mr. and threatened the rear of the grandmother, the mother, and she was in the name is The Ba. The young ruler level also has it that the name originated from a Mrs. now extant area. Once upon a time, it is unclear what period, with two communal die young goddess of nowhere and washed ashore the island and immediately termites into the grave. Soon the night, the goddess epiphany in a dream for dignitaries and people on the island know about the lih your application. People's donations went up two goddess shrine right two holy grave, known as the she shrines. The goddess had many apparitions phonetic fishermen on the island escaped the disease, accidents at sea and chased the pirates, invaders. Gratitude and want to glorify the majesty of the goddess, and he took the name of the people she named the archipelago. I hear the church on the island in the town of SCAT She She and several villages on DOA. After 1945, Cat Hai and Cat Ba town of Quang Yen, on 5-6-1956, both administrative units were merged into the city of Haiphong. Dated 22-7-1957, Established Cat Ba district, including the town of Cat Ba Pearl old and 5 communes, Viet Hai, Xuan Dam, and Gia Luan Hien Hao, Cat Ba town changed to Cat Ba town district Cat Ba. Date 11-3-1977, Cat Ba Cat Hai district merged into a new administrative unit named Cat Hai district. Dated 13-3-1979, dissolution Cao Minh commune, Cat Hai district 11. Dated 23-4-1988, founded the town of Cat Ba, dissolution and Gia Loc, Hoa Quang to establish the town of Cat Hai.

    Cat Hai district has 10 communes and 2 towns. In addition to local residents, people who Cat Hai all local communities, skilled river as Thai Binh, Nam Dinh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen, Ha Tay, Quang Ninh ... Aside Vietnamese American population is fundamental, previously also quite crowded United live. They are from all regions and the coastal provinces of China to settle in Cat Ba. After "Chinese event" in 1978, left the island hau Chinese fhet go. To redistribute forces in the area, to meet production needs promptly and protect the island, a division residents Son, Tien Lang, An Lao is complementary to Cat Hai district, Cao Minh City People Cat Hai parties settled permanently arranged transfer to Cat Ba, due to topographical features, so the district's population distribution is uneven, where people are concentrated, such as Cat Ba town, Cat Hai town, Nghia highways; where people live scattered, isolated as Gia Luan, Viet Hai Customs.

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