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    Things to do in cat ba

    " Kayaking expedition hidden lagoons and floating fishing village "





    Cruises through Halong Bay is not only a fascinating experience, but is an adventure as well. Our Boats take you to remote parts of the Bay and ensure you experience its tranquility away from the crowds of other tourist boats.
    The calm emerald waters of Halong Bay are best explored by kayak. Cat Ba Island Cruises has a range of tours suited to beginners through to experienced paddlers. This exciting getaway combines the perfect amount of physical activity and relaxation. Exploring rock arch, hidden lagoons, and floating fishing villages, you’ll meet locals and discover a side of mystical this World Heritage Site that you can’t get from a tourist boat.


    " Trekking in Cat Ba National Park "



    Trekking in Cat Ba National Park is the best way to discover the jungle here. Follow a local guide through the mountain rain forest and valley to Frog lake, climb up to the top of the mountain where you have a great view.
    Enjoy bird watching, sightseeing in the pristine forest. Along the way you have a chance to see wild animals: Native cats, squirrels, spotted dear, snake, thousands of butterflies and if you are lucky you can see Cat Ba langur, have lunch at a local home cooked with local food in Viet Hai fishing village and take a boat back to visit Lan Ha Bay and floating fishing village. Optional swim at a secluded beaches. 


    Fort Cannon tourism area


    Cat Ba is situated in a specific location on the geography map; it is in the global-famous Ha Long Bay beauty spot group. The beautiful Cat Ba island, whose three faces head to East Sea, is of the legend on thousands of released precious pearls constituting Halong Bay.

    Apart from white-sand banks and white waves, Cat Ba appeals tourists by primitive forests therein. Because of being located at the end of strategic arc, so the island is seen as a huge bastion to cover water routes towards the seaport city of the northeastern Vietnam.

    The Height 77 on Cat Ba island becomes the primary point as for the great task to guard the water and air territory of the fatherland. The Height 77 known as “Fort Cannon” is the place where historical souvenirs consisting of two cannons weighed tens of tons each were kept. This is the artillery battlefield built by Japanese army as occupying Cat Ba. Thanks to the favorable location, and the vision to the sea, the top view covers a coast of East Sea, backed by the endless ranges of mountains whose average height of the area is 177 meters compared to the sea level, which is the highest mountain in the south of Cat Ba Island.

    From the observatory of Fort Cannon tourism site, viewers can enjoy a front outspread air and get the feelings of adventurers as if we were flying with the space and landscape. The beach of beauty, Cat Ba-Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 are located at the food of mountain. As told by the legend when the heaven and earth were almost together, fairies on the zenith used to change into storks down to the lower world to enjoy natural scenery.

    With the golden sand banks beneath, blue and warm waters, and the waves tapping the mountain sides, it here is really the fairyland.

    The distance islets like Guoc or Long Chau dragon eye are half-invisible and swinging. Wonder lines on the blue sea background, drawn by nature, create a dazzling picture.

    Viewing to another side Cat Ba Bay, hundreds of fishing ships at anchor also help draw a beautiful line of exciting life on sea. Paying looks down, Cat Ba Bay and the signs of life are put in the eyes of views.

    When the sun sets, the red sunlight flickers after the ranges of mountains that paint a beauty nature with glow of sunset in the sky and the shadow of ships stretching on the water.

    Tourists to Cat Ba now can have another fully meaning option to enjoy nature, history and primitive values, which is Fort Cannon tourism area where there is the blend of heaven and earth.

    Simply Great experience


    We booked a ( 3days 2night) cruise with Luong. It was a great experience. The tour was very well organised. They had lots of things planned with us like visiting amazon caves, kayaking, swimming in remote places. Staff on the boat was very pleasant and very friendly. 
    The rooms and facilities very immaculate , We had amazing food all inclusive on board. The food was like a tasting menu and most meals consisted of 7 courses and were delicious. 
    We could not fault anything on the boat though we would have appreciated at least one drink free with our meals. Their happy hour also caused some confusion on the ship as the times seem to fluctuate! 

    Overall a really good stay and I could recommend this cruise to anyone trying to find the perfect cruise on Halong bay!

    Excellent overnight Cruises

    We booked a two days/one night trips with Cat Ba Island Cruises - We paid $130 each for five of us on a private boat . Everything was great generally, went to some lovely locations that were almost completely empty of other tourists. 

    Our guide Hùng and the captain and chef was nothing short of amazing. His English was perfect & he was very knowledgeable. He took us kayaking and to buy seafood for our dinner. He taught us fun card games & we discussed so much. (Mr Hùng really is a big asset to your company). The food really was a highlight, how was able to make such delicious food given the constraints of being on a boat amazed us.

    The area really is stunning and during the day, other than the locals from the floating villages, we saw no other tour groups. At night we anchored in a small bay & in the distance we could see many, many larger tour boats from Halong Bay. This really was a wonderful experience for our family & I would highly recommend it to others.

    “VIP Transport Service”

    Mr Luong communicated extremely well throughout our booking of transport from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island and eventual return to Hanoi International Airport. Smooth experience from pick up from our accomodation in Hanoi through to assisting us being seated on the correct ferry to Cat Ba. This VIP service suited our family with kids aged 8 & 12, rather than trying to work out the trek via public transport. Thank you again Mr Luong for going above and beyond to help us with this transport.


    “ Cat Ba Island Cruises - Great facilities and staff ”


    I had amazing trip on Hoang Long cruise . It was totally wonderful boat with good facilities in the room and bathroom is so nice, i really like it . I was both enjoying shower and lanscapes in Halong via window in bathroom which made me so relaxed .


    I had amazing trip on Hoang Long cruise . It was totally wonderful boat with good facilities in the room and bathroom is so nice, i really like it . I was both enjoying shower and lanscapes in Ha Long via window in bathroom which made me so relaxed .
    Our guide - Mr: Luong - was extremely friendly and informative.
    To my big surprising , sundeck is so huge and you can play golf on it .
    Staff very very friendly. You were given the opportunity to visit a cave, swim on one of the beaches and kayak. A must do when visiting Vietnam.
    The food was very well presented, tasted good, very high quality, I asked before boarding if I could have alternatives to fish and they were great at accommodating this.


    Great good ! Great staff ! Great boat ! Everything is perfect


    “Great last minute service going above and beyond.”


    Mr Luong customised a wonderful trip for us the day before we arrived on Cat Ba Island. He even met us at the harbour before we began our day, showed us around the island which was not part of the tour, then organised an amazing night out on a private junk boat with an amazing meal. Thanks for your service Mr Luong!


    “Out of my expectation”


    Thank you Catba cruise for gave me a memorable trip in my life. I had not expected to much when my friends ask me to go to Ha Long Bay. I truly surprised the harmony environment and friendliness of local people there. Thanks to Catba Cruise for their perfect schedule, we mostly visited all sides in Ha Long with a shortest time. Especially, experiences that I got in Viet Hai commune bring me to local community closer and totally change thinking about countryside lives of a city girl like me. Trekking, camp fire burning, fishing and so many things that still stay in my head lively. And also, with such cheap price I still cannot believe I can enjoy a good hotel that Catba cruise supplied. I will come back Cat Ba and Ha Long for sure and please treat me well one more time like the last one ok?


    “Great 3days private tour with Luong”


    We booked this 3days private tour because everyone told us to pay a little more for a far better experience, which it really turend out to be.
    Our private tour was very reasonably priced and exceeded our expectations.
    Our tour guide, Mr. Hùng, was previously a local fisherman and was able to provide a very authentic experience. He knew the kayaking spots, caves and beaches that were isolated and not overrun with tourists which completely changed the Halong Bay experience.
    The provided meals were some of our best in Vietnam. The team bought fresh seafood and cooked lavish multi-course feasts for us meal after meal.


    We enjoyed basing out of Cat Ba Island which has some other attractions and is somewhat touristy, but is still pleasant and has a backpacker feel. There are few companies in which staff are actually locally based, and this is one. We recommend it highly!


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    If you are a single traveler, please email us for quotation.

    Address : No 313 - Nui Ngoc Street - Cat Ba Town - Hai Phong City 


    Hotline: (+84) 947165588 Mr.Luong 

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