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    Catbaislandcruises – Cat Ba Town -  Hai Phong -  Vietnam  is powered by a Vietnamese travel company, which is based on Cat Ba Island, Vietnam.

    Since Ha Long Bay became the wonder of the world and listed in UNESCO natural sight in 1997. Cat Ba Island Cruises open up this site to help and promote this wonderful place to people and travelers around the world.

    Our site which provides information about Halong Bay and how to visit this area includes photos gallery of some of 2000 islands and islets dotted around Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island. The site also gives the details itineraries of group tours and cruises for visitors who are looking forward to exploring the bay in luxury Wooden Junks. The tours and cruises include visiting the islands, caves with a lot of civilities such as kayaking, trekking and swimming.
    We also provide tailor- made and private cruise for family. Independent groups those look forward to renting or hiring a private Junks or basic Boats and or tour guide for cruising around the bay in one day, two days, three days or longer.
    We hope you feel happy when spending your time in visiting our website. We also hope our information is interesting and useful enough and it might help you to built up or plan a trip or side trip to visit Halong bay & Cat Ba Island - Vietnam. 

    Ha Long Bay_ one of the new wonders in the World with thousands of lively islands being made by creator of spectacular. Halong is regularly considered as the most attractive destination of the North of Vietnam by both domestic and international visitors. Of course, you can easily find every information about this place online or via media center and a tourism company, a hotel or a guider are not taken time to get. However, we Cat Ba Island Cruises will totally bring to you experiences that hardly can you witness in other places. Simply because, these experiences are shared by us who were born, lived and grew here. For more detail information, please click on other items or access the facebook link

    Our Vision:
    To be the world's leading online source of reliable, informative and up-to-date information about Halong Bay travel, tours and accommodation, especially for independent travelers.

    To present and promote responsible tourism within Vietnam's World Heritage areas while taking action to protect their very nature, ecosystems and environment.

    Our Mission:
    To provide world-class journeys for knowledge and personal growth while promoting socially responsible and environmentally friendly tourism.

    Journeys for Knowledge and Personal Growth: Discover Halong trips focus on an essence or theme, blended with the personal goals of the traveler.

    Socially responsible travel: Discover Halong focuses on contributing to the people of the lands it visits, respecting their cultures and preserving the integrity of their surrounding environment.

    World-class customer service: Discover Halong provides unprecedented, unique experiences for its clients with hands-on service. .

    Our Green Travel Guide:
    Halong Bay is a unique and fragile environment. How you behave when traveling in the Halong Bay area will make a difference. Only you can make this difference positive for the world and future generations.
    Please treat this World Heritage Site with respect by following these "Green Travel" tips.
    .. Accept responsibility for the environment in which you travel.
    .. Be aware of the environment and society around you, and minimise your impact on both of them
    .. Choose organizations which are environmentally and culturally sensitive and tell their competitors that you didn't choose them on this basis..
    .. Donot do anything you wouldn't do at home
    .. Explain your reasons for behaving in a certain way to other tourists and those working in the tourist industry..
    .. Find out more about the places you visit by not taking everything you see at face value.
    .. Guide others who are not as educated as yourself by setting a good example through practical actions.
    .. Have respect for the things you do not understand.
    You can contribute positively to a more sustainable tourism industry in Halong and help protect it for your children and for your return.

    If you have any inquiries or questions, please contact us. One of our expert staffs or operators will respond to you within 10 hours.

    Fanpage Facebook:

                If you are a single traveler, please email us for quotation.


     Address :  - Cat Ba Town - Hai Phong City 

    Hotline: (+84) 947165588 Mr.Luong 
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