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    Cat Ba natural beauty between the Gulf of Tonkin

    Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) 20 years ago, then, to get to Cat Ba, apparently only one way to go on the ship's huge transportation every day with a trip, a return trip ferry from Binh (Hai Phong), both passenger and cargo, running a crawl takes 5 to 6 hours. But, on the other a very long time, and still from Ben Binh, Dinh Vu port and further more, speed ships modern hydrofoil surfing the Cat Ba only takes 50 minutes. In addition, there can go by road via two ferries and ferry God Dinh Vu (Hai Phong), or take a ferry from Tuan Chau (Quang Ninh) to run along the ocean's embrace, through the National Forest Cat her to the center of Cat Ba.

    Cat Ba quite wild when old, to walk the beaches Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2 to ride through a mountain tunnel, the island has no hotels, motels. Only 3 motels in the town center, there is no public services for tourism ... Now, Cat Ba has changed very long, motels, hotels from budget to luxury spoiled for hotel guests to choose from, the road to the beach, the spacious, delivered by cars, new more deserted beaches, quiet for tourists who are willing to travel far from the center, the town is also extended to cross streets along nicely. However, there are things constant in Cat Ba, which is the island retains its beauty, fresh air, pristine forests, the cool white sand beaches, the soles of the feet seems to remain intact ...


    Cat Ba island (aka Jade Island) Cat Ba archipelago (comprising 367 small islands) between the Gulf of Tonkin. Beautiful blue jewel called Cat Ba is the convergence between maritime forest, beautiful scenery with a wonderful climate. Especially, December 2, 2004, Cat Ba has been recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the world with the outstanding value of biodiversity and geology, geomorphology ... Is so, Cat Ba has quickly become a popular tourist destination, an attractive destination for local and foreign tourists.
    Explore Cat Ba panorama from above, after passing a round under the beautiful paved road around the island, guests will find the area to be Fort Shen Cong Cat Ba island panoramic view from above. Find yourself a nice angle, take the eye off the immense sea, sky, mountains ahead. Amid stunning landscape endowed by then, life still exists, vibrant by fishing villages, bustling up and down the yacht. All blended together to form a beautiful picture .... to Cat Ba without top Ngu Lam to Cat Ba panoramic view then it is a disadvantage ... Looking to the Biosphere Reserve World - Cat Ba National Park, after 2 hours trekking through the jungle, occasionally "catch" the lizard, the snake is swallowing the bait pouch, or the rugged wild orchid climbing wall area where, even without sea passages are also very easy guide to climb up to the top Ngu Lam. Standing on the highest point of the top Ngu Lam in Cat Ba National Forest - the larger eye out 4, 8 directions, it untouched. But, in return, to get the spirit of the hour adventure through the forest beautiful way ...
    Also much needed points on the island and explore Cat Ba .... unspoiled natural Caves with stalactites multifold, unlike anywhere of the cave populations Cat Ba; red coral diving to see the beautiful in Da Nang, Nha Trang is not? And certainly, there will be even kayaking on the pristine bay of Lan Ha, let romance in the sunset on the mountains, large and small ...
    Reportedly, the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve (26,000 ha larger) with the value of forest biodiversity - the sea - the island brought national importance and international. Studies so far have recorded 3,157 species of animals and plants (1,844 species and 1,313 shallow marine species). Terrestrial creatures including 55 species of mammals, 160 birds, 47 reptiles, 21 amphibians and 1,561 species of higher plants. 196 species of marine life including fish, 193 species of coral, 538 species and 89 species of benthic plankton, 23 mangrove species, 75 species of seaweed and 199 species of phytoplankton. Many rare and endemic species, including the Cat Ba langur is one of 25 primates at risk of extinction in the world's highest IUCN Red List. Area Cat Ba biosphere reserve with tropical ecosystems and subtropics of Asia, is a full convergence regions of tropical rainforest on the island of limestone, mangrove mangroves, mudflats, coral reefs , grass beds and especially the cave system.

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